Jonathan Taylor’s the best running back ever at Wisconsin. It’s not even close. What kind of tradition does Wisconsin have at the running back position, right?

Well, actually, it has tons of tradition. It has had tons and tons of talented backs carry the ball. Even some of the backups have proven themselves to be lethal threats at the professional level.

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So, to call Taylor the best back ever to step foot in Madison is quite the statement. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. His numbers through the first three years of his collegiate career certainly make a case for themselves.

Earlier this week, while Taylor was breaking down film with BTN’s Howard Griffith, Taylor was asked about what it’s like being a running back at Wisconsin. After all, the history with the backfield alone is immense.

Taylor talked about that, and how that’s actually a challenge.

Note: He starts talking about that subject after roughly 1:00 of breaking down film.

As Taylor said, there’s a lot to live up to when being the face of the Badgers’ backfield. You see the all-time greats everywhere you go.

And once Taylor does in fact leave for the NFL, future tailbacks will likely see Taylor’s name around campus and Camp Randall Stadium as well.