Jordan Davis and Wisconsin played their final game of the French Tour on Monday. The Badgers came out with an 85-69 against Azurea Club per

Davis and Connor Essegian led the team in scoring with 14 points each. 12 of Davis’ 14 points came from the 1st half, as he got the scoring started early on for his team. Other key scoring contributors were Steven Crowl (11 points) and Max Klesmit (10 points). Wisconsin will be in France until Wednesday before heading back home to Madison.

“This year I’m looking to improve my overall game,” said Davis. “Last year I was just considered a 3 and D guy, so I’m just trying to score inside the paint.”

After the team’s vacation in France, Davis was just glad he could be a part of it.

“It’s crazy where basketball will take you in life,” said Davis. “I’m just thankful I’m here and I’m enjoying the time in France.”

Here’s the full clip from Davis’ interview: