Ohio State is the consensus top team from the B1G through six weeks of the 2019 season, but there’s some debate about who is No. 2. As fellow Top 10 teams, Wisconsin and Penn State both have arguments to be considered the second-best B1G team early this season.

When asked who he thinks is second-best in the conference, ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit went with Wisconsin.

“I probably would lean towards Wisconsin,” Herbstreit said. “I’m not yet sure if they have the balance in their offense to be able to win some of these big games that they have coming up. So far, Paul Chryst has been very careful with his quarterback Jack Coan. He’s not really putting him in a position to win games, but he’s just throwing high-percentage throws, not coming up with a lot of yards right now. They’re just dinking and dunking, but they haven’t really needed to.

“They have Jonathan Taylor. They have a great defense. In their passing game, they’re just doing what they need to do. I think they’re just so darn good at their DNA and what they do. I think their defense, their running game and playing efficient, complementary football gives him an edge.”

Wisconsin and Penn State would be a fun matchup, but the B1G schedule won’t provide that showdown during the regular season. However, Ohio State will play both of those teams, so fans will get a look at who measures up closest to the top B1G team.