There might be plenty of momentum for having a college football season in 2020, but it could come with some serious changes. And that could mean a few neutral-site games get the axe.

One of those neutral-site games that could be on the chopping block is Notre Dame and Wisconsin meeting at Lambeau Field — the home of the Green Bay Packers. The matchup, which is part of a two-game series, is likely to still be played as of right now, but Tim O’Malley of Irish Illustrated said Lambeau won’t likely be an option.

“We heard from a couple sources — this is bearer of bad news — but, Lambeau Field won’t be happening either,” O’Malley said on the Irish Illustrated Insider Podcast.

Even though the game was scheduled for Green Bay, Notre Dame was the designated home team for this year’s matchup. That means the game could be moved to Notre Dame Stadium this season. The contest is scheduled for Oct. 3.

Originally, the two-game series was scheduled to be played at Lambeau Field in 2020 and at Soldier Field (Chicago Bears) in 2021. If this year’s contest gets moved to South Bend, there’s a chance next year’s game moves to Madison.