Wisconsin is well-known for its stout ground game, and head coach Paul Chryst took time to talk through what he enjoys about the Badgers’ run game.

In a recent interview with Chris Childers and Rick Neuheisel on College Sports on SiriusXM, Chryst explained that it has been exciting to watch the growth of his offensive line. He pointed out it is especially fun with this offensive line because it wasn’t always that way as the unit displayed growth over time.

Chryst did get around to talking about RB Jonathan Taylor. He praised Taylor and his running ability, but Chryst pointed out that Taylor helps the offensive line and vice versa:

“What makes them special is Jonathan, and I think they certainly help Jonathan,” said Chryst.

Chryst went on to explain one of the reasons he likes running the ball so much on offense. He pointed out that running the ball requires everyone working effectively. Doing so provides the opportunity for everyone to take pride in the success on the ground:

“It takes everyone,” said Chryst. “I think everything in football, but particularly when you’re running the ball. It takes so many people, and everyone can own it and take pride in it.”

You can hear all of his comments courtesy of @SXMCollege: