Every season it seems teams make changes to the uniform. Sometimes it’s a subtle alteration, other times it’s a brand new alternate uniform.

Wisconsin will be one of the teams making a subtle change come this fall. The Badgers will have some fresh new kicks for the upcoming season. It’ll give the team a fresh, clean look on Saturday afternoons this fall.

Over the weekend, the Badgers revealed the new cleats the team will be sporting in 2019. They seem to be crowd pleasers, too.

They’re not overly flashy, but they look good. It should go along nicely with the traditional red and white uniforms the Badgers wear every weekend, as well.

Wisconsin hasn’t made many uniform changes over the years and doesn’t often go for the alternate look. It’s a program that sticks to its traditional style.

New cleats are a nice change, though, especially these new ones for 2019.