Luke Fickell, now the head coach at Wisconsin, is known for being one of the nice guys in college football. So, he appreciates it when the kindness is returned especially by a player.

Fickell discussed when he recruited assistant coach Mike Caputo while he was at Ohio State. Fickell remembered how Caputo treated the coach after the player turned Fickell down and decided to become a Badger.

“When I walked in the door, he came up to introduce himself, kind of had his head down. I said ‘Oh Mike, I remember you,'” said Fickell. “‘Yeah, you chose Wisconsin over me, I’ll never forget that. But I’ll never forget, you called me on a Friday night and did it the way you’re supposed to do it, and I always respected you for that.'”

Caputo was an undrafted free agent out of college and played for the Los Angeles Rams for a year back in 2016 on their practice squad. He later became a graduate assistant at LSU before moving on to being the safties assistant coach at Utah State in 2019 and becoming the quality control coach at Baylor in 2020 before returning to Wisconsin.