Luke Fickell and Wisconsin are still holding out hope that transfer defensive back Michael Mack can play this fall. Mack began his career at the Air Force Academy and transferred to the Badgers this offseason.

On Monday, Fickell revealed Mack’s waiver to be immediately this fall has been denied by the NCAA. The Badgers are appealing that decision while Fickell delivered some odd remarks about the Academy.

“I’m going to hold my tongue to say anything about the Air Force Academy and how they’ve treated the kid,” said Fickell.

Without further context, we’ll have to see if Fickell clarifies how he feels about the situation after the appeal process is finalized.

Fickell also confirmed the Badgers are appealing Jordan Turner’s targeting penalty and the first-half suspension for Week 2. The head coach discussed the targeting situation following the Buffalo win and said he doesn’t agree with ejecting players for the targeting penalty.