Another coach commented on the firing of Wisconsin’s Paul Chryst and expressed his discontentment with the decision. North Carolina’s Mack Brown gave his thoughts on the decision on Monday in his press conference.

Brown was stern in his thoughts, expressing how the decision was not a good one for college football. He’s especially troubled by the string of in-season firings across the country.

“We’ve had five coaches fired in five weeks, which is not a good look for our business,” Brown said. “I hate that for coaches, I hate that for families. Maybe the head coaches, as embarrassing as it is to get fired, get paid a lot of money, but the staff doesn’t. I hate to see it for the kids, the families, the coaches. It makes it really tough.”

Brown nearly worked with Chryst and had high praises for the Badgers’ former coach.

“I hired Paul Chryst for a day. I talked to him about being the offensive coordinator at Texas and he took the Pittsburgh job the next day,” Brown said. “He is a great man and did a tremendous job at Wisconsin. He’s 67-26 with three top-15 finishes. I can’t imagine asking a man that’s that good a football coach, that good a person not to keep leading your team.”

Chryst is one of several Power 5 coaches to be fired midseason, and Brown believes that this trend is hurting the game of football.

“I’m disappointed for the business that we’ve had so much turnover so quickly during the season,” Brown said. “I think that’s just what changed. When coaches started making a lot more money, the expectations got a lot different and coaches are being fired much faster. That’s just where we are.”