Markus Allen was involved with police because of an open container dispute, and that led to a firearms charge, according to a report from Badgers Extra.

The Wisconsin football receiver was approached by a Madison police officer on the afternoon of April 29 after the officer saw Allen with what he believed to be an open container of alcohol.

The officer reportedly told Allen to dump out his drink, but according to the police report that’s cited in the search warrant, Allen held the drink down against his leg. The officer didn’t know if Allen disposed of the drink, and when the officer reached to check if the container was empty, Allen poured the liquid on the officer’s shin and boot, per the report.

When officers led Allen away to apply handcuffs after he was informed of a pending arrest, Allen was wearing a black and grey backpack with a Rose Bowl logo on it during the arrest. Officers searched the backpack and found an unloaded Glock 19 handgun and a magazine loaded with one round of ammunition in a separate pocket. Officers checked the gun’s registration information and discovered Madison resident Casey Walker reported the gun stolen out of his mother’s car in June 2022.

Allen was taken to Dane County Jail and later released on bail. Allen does not have a concealed carry permit in Wisconsin or his home state of Ohio, per state records.

Criminal charges have not yet been filed against Allen by the Dane County District Attorney. Allen is due in Dane County Circuit Court on June 26.