Wisconsin is heading into its first offseason under new head coach Luke Fickell. That also means the Badgers are preparing for their first offseason conditioning with Brady Collins, the program’s new Director of Strength and Conditioning.

After accepting the job in Madison, Fickell was quick to bring Collins along as a key piece to help build the program. Collins also discussed his philosophy for his first offseason with the Badgers.

“There’s a lot of change going on right now – like coach (Luke) Fickell says, ‘Change is inevitable but growth is optional,'” said Collins in a release from Wisconsin. “I want this to feel brand new for these kids because there are a bunch of new coaches and a new style.”

Collins went on to say the goal is to enhance the culture that’s in Madison while switching things up to present a new feel to the athletes:

“All we’re trying to do is enhance the culture that was here. Just little things. Painting the walls to make it brighter in here,” said Collins. “Putting in new lights. Moving the equipment around. Taking the platforms out. Anything where it used to be, we’re moving it.

“So psychologically when the kids come in here, they’re not used to it – and it feels like a brand new room. We’re putting up some new graphics and, as we continue to build these next few weeks, we’re putting up our brand, what the Badger brand is, what our culture is. It’s exciting.”

We’ll see how it pays off for the Badgers when the 2023 season comes around. The Badgers are looking for their first 10-win season since 2019.