The Rose Bowl this year pits Wisconsin against Oregon. Big Ten vs. Pac-12. It’s a tradition that takes place every year that we all look forward to.

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Ahead of the matchup between a couple of the Big Ten and Pac-12’s best teams, players and coaches were available to speak with the media. The game itself will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 1.

Here is Oregon’s stud quarterback Justin Herbert, the Sunday prior to the action, talking about Wisconsin’s defense:

“They’re a whole different breed,” he said. “They’re about as good as it gets, like I said, and their front seven and their secondary, they’re special. We’ve been watching a lot of film and seeing if we can gain an advantage and just getting a feel for their defense.”

More from Herbert:

“They’re really physical. They move really well. They’re really athletic, and they’re really well-coached. They’re a bunch of guys that fly around and play really good defense, and I think all we can do is watch as much film as we can and be as prepared as we can.”

The full transcript of what Herbert and Oregon offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo had to say on Sunday can be found here, via