Thursday is a groundbreaking day in the world of college sports.

On July 1, college student-athletes were granted the opportunity to profit off their name, image and likeness, a movement that has been on the NCAA’s doorstep for several years now. Finally, after state and federal governments got involved, the organization is allowing all student-athletes to earn money.

Several head coaches, school presidents, athletic directors and many others have recently spoken up about the changes in college athletics. On Thursday, Wisconsin football coach Paul Chryst joined that group, releasing a statement of his own.

“As a team, we talk about making the most of every opportunity you’re presented, and the changes that taking place with name, image and likeness rights certainly represent an opportunity for our student-athletes,” Chryst said. “It’s our place as coaches and as an athletic department to provide them with the support they need to grow and develop in all areas, and the NIL space is no different. With the people we have in place and the tools that Opendorse provides, we are able to prepare our players to make the most of this movement and really capitalize on the platform they have at Wisconsin.”

In addition to the changes across college sports, Wisconsin also announced a new partnership with Opendorse, creating an opportunity for student-athletes to become educated on and navigate through NIL opportunities.