Paul Chryst is gonna Paul Chryst.

In a great mood after Wisconsin notched a 35-28 victory over Nebraska for the team’s seventh straight win, the Badgers head coach had a brief comment on his redundancy in press conferences and while speaking with reporters.

Chryst responded in only a way he can. And it will provide plenty of laughs for those who follow the head coach throughout the season.

Below is the clip, posted from Big Ten Network:

Chryst has long been known for not saying too much or speaking in circles. He’s got a degree in not providing an opponent with bulletin board material before a big game.

So, it’s really no surprise that Chryst takes this approach to redundancy. Still, it provided a few laughs in the press room and across social media.

Of course, it’s always a little easier to laugh when your team is 8-3 and is leading the B1G West.