Pete Carroll with some strong words here. The Seattle Seahawks head coach fired off after the team’s victory over the Denver Broncos.

“I didn’t need the validation”, Carroll said. “I just wanted to win, I wanted to win for all of the reasons that come along with this one. Maybe as much as anything is representing the guys that have played before. It meant a lot to those guys. I was so thrilled to be able to hug those guys and see them and look them in the eye.”

Carroll also appeared to throw some barbs at former quarterback Russell Wilson. Wison spent 10 years in Seattle and won Super Bowl XLVIII title with Carroll. The Seahawks traded Wilson to Denver back in March. He signed a five-year, $245 million dollar contract extension with the Broncos in September.

“You can figure that out,” Carroll said. “It was really meaningful and they really wanted it and I knew we were playing for a lot more than just the regular stuff. We have a real connection with the history…They feel it and they loved the fact that they played here and they love seeing us do well. On this night, they realized there was a big opportunity and a big statement to be made. The game isn’t about an individual player here of there. It’s about team. This is the ultimate team sport and it’s been stated so many times before. It takes everybody.”