A few players at Wisconsin are still upset over the B1G’s decision to cancel the fall football season. They’ve taken to social media to vent their frustration.

On Saturday morning, a handful of Badgers, including Eric Burrell, Faion Hicks and Adam Bay all vented their frustration with the B1G’s decision to postpone the fall football season. It started with Scott Van Pelt’s rant that lasted less than 90 seconds, blasting the conference for canceling fall football while still considering a start around Thanksgiving.

Burrell, Hicks and Bay all supported SVP’s claims, along with their own commentary.

“1 minute 17 seconds, listen carefully!” Burrell wrote on Twitter.

Burrell followed it up by saying “What protocols does the other conferences have, that we don’t have?”

Currently, six other FBS conferences plan to move forward with a fall football schedule. The B1G was the first at the Power 5 level to postpone the season, followed by the Pac-12. The MAC and Mountain West are also planning for spring seasons.

“Soooo, these other conference [are going to] be playing football this fall while we sit at home and watch?” Hicks wrote.

Bay quoted Van Pelt’s rant by saying “I mean…he’s not wrong.”

Clearly, there’s still a lot of frustration over the B1G’s decision, along with the lack of communication and transparency from commissioner Kevin Warren, as well as the league’s 14 presidents.

Below are the tweets Wisconsin players sent out on Saturday: