Richard Sherman discussed Russell Wilson’s recent struggles with Denver on his podcast Tuesday.

The former Seahawks quarterback hasn’t yet found his stride with the Broncos as they are off to a 2-4 start with another loss to Los Angeles Monday night.

Sherman believes it might just be a matter of time rather than a certain thing to fix.

“I’m not sure there’s a fix,” Sherman said. “You paid the quarterback the money. Now you have to let the quarterback play.”

Sherman also believes Wilson’s struggles could be a result of bad coaching rather than Wilson not performing.

“Everybody said ‘Peter Carroll’s holding him back,'” Sherman said. “No… They knew him best, they knew how to put him in positions to be successful, they knew when he was struggling, how to get back in rhythm. That’s what good coaching is. This coaching staff does not know how to do that.”

So far on the season, Wilson has recorded 1,442 yards and 5 touchdowns to go along with 3 interceptions.

The Broncos are looking to get back on track on Sunday as they take on the New York Jets.