Some players embrace others eventually breaking their all-time records and others don’t.

Whether it’s a career rushing record or a most points in a game record, records always get broken. As for the career rushing yardage total in college football, that may go down in the very near future.

Former Wisconsin running back Ron Dayne currently holds the record for most rushing yards in a career with 6,397 yards. Donnel Pumphrey, of San Diego State, currently has 6,051 yards with two regular season games and one bowl game remaining.

That’s where the issue lies for Dayne.

He talked on The Red Zone podcast – a podcast which talks about Badgers football – yesterday and mentioned the extra games Pumphrey has at his disposal to break the record.

“He’s gonna have (an asterisk) by his name if he breaks the record anyway,” Dayne said. “They didn’t use none of my bowl games.”

If they had used Dayne’s bowl games, his rushing total would be at 7,125 yards. Pumphrey wouldn’t have much of a shot to break his record if that were the case.

“I think it’s just gonna be something that they’re gonna have to change or have the guy next to him,” Dayne said. “Like for the touchdown record, Barry Sanders would probably still have that if they count his bowl games.”

In the end, though, it sounds like Dayne won’t lose sleep because of his own record being broken; he just wants the way records are kept to be altered. Just count the bowl games.

“Records are made to be broken,” Dayne said. “Good luck to him, and I wish him the best.”