Long before the transfer portal, Russell Wilson had a major impact as a transfer QB for Wisconsin.

After 3 seasons at NC State, Wilson landed with the Badgers for the 2011 season. He responded with 3,100 yards passing on a 73% completion rate with 40 offensive touchdowns and just 4 interceptions and led Wisconsin to the B1G championship.

In a recent appearance on Greg Olsen’s Youth Inc. Podcast, Wilson was asked about the factors contributing to his decision to transfer to the Badgers. Wilson admitted he took two official visits during the transfer process but Wisconsin clearly stood out.

Why? Wisconsin’s NFL-caliber offensive line:

“I ended up taking two visits – Auburn and Wisconsin,” said Wilson. “When I got to Wisconsin, I knew it was for me. The reason why I knew it was for me was because they love football, number one. And number two…they had this big, pro line. They were the third biggest line in football.

“It was like, you know what? People can’t say anything if I get to play behind this line and do great. And that’s what I did.”

Wilson would be selected in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft. He has gone on to become a 9-time Pro Bowler with one Super Bowl win with the Seattle Seahawks.