Russell Wilson is confident he will be ready and available to play for Monday night’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Denver Broncos will need him in the long run.

Wilson suffered a muscle injury to his shoulder in Week 4 against the Las Vegas Raiders in the second half. Then on the following Thursday, the Broncos took on the Indianapolis Colts where Wilson played every offensive snap, despite his shoulder injury.

Looking ahead before practice took off, Wilson acknowledged that his shoulder should be good to play for Monday’s game.

“My shoulder is feeling better, getting better every day,” said Wilson. “I haven’t had this particular thing before, but I’ll be OK. I’ll be ready.”

The Broncos are now at a 2-3 record on the season and Wilson is taking responsibility moving forward and is confident that he will be back to his prominent throwing ability again.

“[There is] lot of season left,” said Wilson. “I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. I don’t think you get motivated by [criticism]. I can handle it, I’m built for it. I’m built for the good times and the tough times. … It’s never supposed to be easy.”

We will see how Wilson’s shoulder is feeling in preparation for the Chargers game on Monday.