Wisconsin was up 28-7 in the second quarter and looked to be in complete control last night.

Then, the next two and a half quarters took place and Penn State pulled off the 38-31 upset. After the game, the Badgers weren’t too happy with what had just taken place – understandably so.

As photographers were trying to get photos of Penn State and its excited players after the game, several Badgers stood in the way and were calling some of the photographers “f*cking parasites.”

Take a look at what a couple of the photographers after the game tweeted about what happened:

Directly after winning or losing a thrilling game that means everything in the world to athletes, emotions can get in the way, just ask Richard Sherman (positively) or Cam Newton (negatively).

This certainly isn’t the first time an incident like this will happen, nor will it be the last, either.