Badgers quarterback Graham Mertz has finally opened up as to how he broke the Duke’s Mayo Bowl trophy. He was dancing with it on video after the Badgers 42-28 win over Wake Forest on Dec. 30.

Mertz appeared on FOX College Football’s watch party with Joel Klatt and Reggie Bush on Monday evening and when asked for the real story, he said:

“We knew after the game the Duke’s Mayo people actually told us ‘Alright, just to warn you, the trophy’s cracked and it came from England so we’re gonna send a new one.’ So we’re all on the field celebrating and everyone’s jumping around, hitting stuff, and then I actually got in the locker room and someone handed it to me and I started dancing, and then in the video, you can see it just pops.”

After he described that, Mertz went on to say that head coach Paul Chryst basically gasped when he saw that Mertz broke the trophy. You can see the full interview here: