Paul Chryst doesn’t typically peel back the curtain during his weekly press conferences. If there is a degree in coach-speak, the Wisconsin leader would probably own a doctorate.

Yet, on Monday, Chryst did say something that started making its way around social media. It wasn’t necessarily a profound statement, just very confusing.

Chryst explained the best part of playing a team sport, and being part of a team. That’s when things went off the rails a bit.

“The great thing about being part of a team is that it’s made up of a bunch of individuals. I don’t agree with ‘there is no I in team.’ I think the ‘I’ is the best part,” Chryst said. “A team is a group made up of different individuals, but there is something greater than yourself, and that’s the team.”

Is that the ultimate “talking in circles” comment?

Chryst was obviously trying to make a point but the verbiage used was not the clearest. People on social media were pretty quick to enjoy a laugh from the head coach.

At the very least, Chryst’s presser provided a little more entertainment than a typical Monday in Madison.