There’s a lot of running back talent in this interview.

Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor is arguably the best running back in the nation. Coming off a 2,000-yard season that included 16 touchdowns, expectations are high once again for the Badgers’ star workhorse.

In a recent sitdown with FOX Sports analyst Reggie Bush, Taylor shared some of the secrets to his success. The two broke down one long run of Taylor’s career where he broke through the line before stiff-arming a safety at the next level before breaking free.

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Taylor said the key to the big run, and a lot of his play is being able to use and showcase his entire toolbox of moves. Whether it is making men miss or the brute force of a stiff arm, there’s no denying Taylor may have the biggest repertoire in all of college football.

Wisconsin Football shared a video of Taylor’s interview, and it looks like a more extensive video is due sometime Friday: