The exchange between an unsuspecting Uber driver and San Diego Chargers running back Melvin Gordon has gone viral.

On Saturday, Gordon shared a video of him taking an Uber around Baltimore one day before the Chargers are scheduled to take on the Baltimore Ravens in the Wildcard round of the NFL Playoffs. And, while in the car, the star running back struck up a conversation about this weekend’s game.

The Uber drive had no idea who he was talking with. The driver’s ignorance to the situation led to a pretty epic conversation.

The driver repeatedly explained why the Ravens would beat the Chargers this weekend, throwing in a few jabs at Phillip Rivers along the way. Gordon, of course, stuck up for his team without revealing his identity.

Here’s the exchange.

It’s easy to see why that conversation made its way around the Internet.

At the end of the video, Gordon revealed his identity and gave the guy an autograph and agreed to pose for a picture. That’s a pretty cool move after the guy just bashed your team.

Just another example of why sports can be so great.