Early in the basketball season, Brad Davison earned a reputation as a tenacious defender and a hustle player after taking five charges in a single game. He was the high energy player that Wisconsin fans loved and everyone else hated.

But Davison’s label as an intense and energetic player is being twisted after a dirty play during Wisconsin’s road trip to Minnesota on Wednesday night.

During the game, Davison went up for a layup and missed, allowing Minnesota’s Jordan Murphy to grab the rebound. But as Murphy was landing, Davison slipped his leg directly under the rebounder’s feet. It’s the kind of move that can lead to serious injury, and Gopher fans weren’t too pleased about it.

Here’s the clip of Davison sliding his foot under Murphy after the rebound.

It’s obviously impossible to know intent, but it doesn’t appear as though Davison’s foot slipped. At first glance, the play looked pretty deliberate.

After the game, Davison was drawing comparisons to former Duke guard Grayson Allen, who became infamous for tripping opponents and other dirty moves.

Davison started the year as one of the more energetic and intense players in college basketball. A lot of fans didn’t like him, but playing the game hard always earns respect from opposing fans.

The move he pulled Wednesday night has a lot of people thinking differently.