College football isn’t short on emotion. If there’s one thing that separates the college game from the NFL — and yes I know there’s a lot — it’s that the kids are permitted to have some fun after a big play.

Wisconsin defensive back D’Cota Dixon is taking full advantage of the opportunity to express his emotions and celebrate big plays. And it’s pretty hysterical.

In the third quarter of Saturday’s game between the Badgers and Nebraska, Wisconsin came up with a fumble recovery, bringing the Huskers’ drive to halt. Dixon was fired up about it. He provided the college football world with this spectacular celebration.

Surprisingly, it was the only turnover the Badgers forced all night. Dixon finished with one tackle and a pass defended.

Wisconsin defeated Nebraska 41-24.

The emotion of college football is what makes the sport so spectacular. It’s awesome that Dixon isn’t holding back and is providing us with some quality entertainment, even after the whistle.