Jonathan Taylor is special.

Everybody knows it.

Last year, as a freshman back, all he did at Wisconsin was rush for 1,977 yards and 13 TD. He finished the Heisman Trophy voting No. 6 overall. Each of the 5 players that finished ahead of him were either juniors or seniors.

The other 4 behind him rounding out the top 10 were all sophomores, juniors and seniors as well. Point is, Taylor is more than just another Wisconsin RB.

He’s doing things you only see certain, special backs do. Against Nebraska Saturday night, we saw one of those runs:

The run — which showcased his fascinating combo of speed and strength — got him to 216 yards on the night and 3 TD. It’s still early in the fourth quarter, so Taylor could still do more.

That is, if Wisconsin wants him to. The Badgers lead 41-17 with under 12 minutes remaining. Wisconsin-Nebraska can be watched on BTN.