Many people were upset that James White didn’t receive Super Bowl MVP honors.

The former Wisconsin star scored the game-winning touchdown and set Super Bowl records with 14 catches and 20 points, yet the honor went to Tom Brady. The morning after the Super Bowl, Brady said that he felt that White deserved to win Super Bowl MVP.

The Super Bowl MVP usually gets a truck, as well. Brady gave his Super Bowl MVP truck to Malcolm Butler two years ago, and it sounded like the same would happen with White.

But there was apparently no truck to give.

So with no truck coming from Brady, Conan O’Brien stepped in and partnered with Ford to give White a brand new ride:

White might’ve believed that Brady deserved the honor, but he’s the one who ended up with the new wheels. If you’ve heard White’s backstory, you know that he’s notoriously unselfish.

White’s post-Super Bowl life just keeps getting better and better.