Justin Wilcox spent a lot of time on the West Coast. Still, the former Wisconsin defensive coordinator and new Cal head coach isn’t quite a household name yet.

Cal’s incoming recruiting class told ESPN that they had never heard of Wilcox before he was hired last week. The five-time defensive coordinator and first-time head coach apparently isn’t even a big enough name for the student newspaper to care.

The Daily Californian — Berkeley’s student newspaper since 1871 — ran a story about Wilcox’s arrival in Tuesday’s paper.

Never mind the fact that Wilcox was officially hired last Saturday. Perhaps Martin Luther King Day meant no Monday paper. Who knows.

There are two things worth pointing out with the story titled “Justin Wilcox to take over Cal football.” First, the “Taco Bell Cantina opens” story got the main package on the front page.

Also, check out the mug in the Wilcox story. That’s former Cal coach Sonny Dykes, who Wilcox is replacing:

Sure, it’s a student newspaper, but why is Wilcox not at least getting the main package? And also, how is there no mug of Wilcox?

It looks like Wilcox has his work cut out for him to become a big deal in Berkeley.