Student-athletes at the University of Wisconsin will be highly encouraged to allow their voices to be heard come November 3. When the polls open, the school wants players to be out there.

Friday, the athletic department announced that they have encouraged coaches to stop all athletic-related activities on Nov. 3 to encourage student-athletes to vote.

“I have asked our coaching staffs to forego athletics-related activities for our student-athletes on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020,” athletic director Barry Alvarez said in a statement. “Our objective is not to tel them who to vote for. We just want them to exercise their responsibility to have their voices heard and vote. I want to make that as easy as possible for them.”

According to the release from Wisconsin, there are more than 800 student-athletes at the university who participate in the school’s 23 sports.

Wisconsin is the first athletic department from the B1G to make this kind of announcement. However, Nebraska head basketball coach Fred Hoiberg released a statement earlier this week saying he would allow his players to have the day off from basketball-related activities to encourage them to vote on Nov. 3.