Wisconsin released its status report for Week 8 Monday morning.

The Badgers competed in a tough double OT battle 28-34 loss against Michigan State last Saturday without key players. This week will incorporate much of the same energy as the status report shows lots of starters out due to leg and arm injuries.

For the Purdue matchup on Saturday, these are the players that will not be suited up:

  • Safety Hunter Wohler (SO) – left leg injury
  • Kicker Vito Calvaruso (JR) – right leg injury
  • Defensive end Isaiah Mullens (RS SR) – right leg injury
  • Outside linebacker Aaron Witt (RS SO) – right leg injury
  • Quarterback Chase Wolf (Redshirt SR) – right knee injury
  • Tight end Hayden Rucci (RS JR) – right leg injury
  • Running back Chez Mellusi (SR) – right wrist injury
  • Safety Preston Zachman (RS SO) – right arm injury

While these are players that will be out for the remainder of the season:

  • Tight end Cam Large (RS SO) – right leg injury
  • Cornerback Al Ashford (RS FR) – left leg injury
  • Defensive end Isaac Townsend (RS JR) – left leg injury
  • Tight end Clay Cundiff (RS JR) – left leg injury
  • Safety Travian Blaylock (RS SR) – right knee injury
  • Defensive end Mike Jarvis (FR) – left leg injury
  • Inside linebacker Luna Larson (FR) – right leg injury

On the bright side, three players (cornerback Cedrick Dort, linebacker Jake Chaney and fullback Jackson Acker) who didn’t play in the Michigan State game are not mentioned on the injury report, so they could potentially see action against Purdue.

We will see how the rest of the week plays out with potentially more news in the Badgers’ favor ahead of this week’s game.