In an unconventional, if not downright turbulent year, Wisconsin basketball brought a bit of normal to their game on Wednesday night, having the player’s families announce the lineups.

With no fans present, there was a different feel to Wisconsin’s season opener against Eastern Illinois. But the basketball program added a nice touch by displaying the player’s families on the large screens hanging over the court, having each family make the announcement during introductions.

It was not just the starters but each player had the moment, popping off the bench when their name was announced by a family member.

No, we’re not tearing up over here. Just chopping onions for the stuffing. We swear.

With COVID-19 impacting families, friends, and fans from seeing games, this was a nice touch from Wisconsin to bring a bit of the familiar through the family to the players. It hasn’t been easy, especially since players need to follow strict protocols during this time.

The football team, of course, has had quite the time this season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Wisconsin beat Eastern Illinois 77-67 to start the season 1-0. The Badgers are No. 7 in the preseason AP Top 25 Poll, one of three Big Ten teams in the poll’s top 10.