The Wisconsin men’s basketball team is headed to France on a 10-day overseas trip that will see them make stops in Paris, Lyon, and Nice. On Sunday, the team boarded a bus from Madison to Chicago, and from there, they’ll make the overnight flight to Paris.

The Badgers’ strength and conditioning coach provided the team some guidelines to allow it to adjust to the 6-hour time zone change, including limiting blue light from devices, limiting meal intake, going to bed early on Saturday night and waking up early on Sunday, and not sleeping on the bus to Chicago to make sleeping on the plane easier.

That said, at least one player, junior guard Jordan Davis, missed the memo about staying awake on the bus, and his teammates made him pay. Take a look below at the prank they pulled on him, led by freshman walk-on Ross Candelino:

Davis appears to be a heavy sleeper since he barely stirred during the prank, which began with chips and progressed to Ritz crackers. And it’s fair to say that he’s pretty fortunate that his teammates didn’t do something more extreme.

Hopefully it’s a lesson learned moving forward for Davis! Although, it will be interesting to see if he has some sort of payback in mind once he sees the video.