For the first time this season, the Badgers are in.

Ok, it only took two weeks but a first is a first. Wisconsin cracked its first spot in the College Football Playoff poll after earning its fifth straight week.

The Badgers entered the poll at No. 25, which still put them behind five other B1G teams. The B1G was the only conference to slot six teams in the top 25.

Wisconsin trails No. 18 Northwestern, No. 13 Michigan State, No. 14 Michigan State, No. 5 Iowa and No. 3 Ohio State. Both of the Badgers’ losses — Alabama and Iowa — are in the top 5. But Wisconsin doesn’t have a victory against a team in the current top 25.

Wisconsin will potentially have another chance to grab a top-25 win if Northwestern can pick up a win against Purdue on Saturday. The Badgers will be on bye this weekend.