Remember Eric Burrell’s safety blitz that resulted in a crucial strip-sack against Northwestern? It turns out that blitz was originally called for a different defender.

The play came in the third quarter against the Wildcats with Wisconsin clinging to a narrow lead. Burrell came on a sharp safety blitz that was perfectly timed. He drilled quarterback Hunter Johnson on his blindside and forced the ball free.

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In the end, the play resulted in a touchdown as Matt Henningsen fell on the ball in the end zone. However, Burrell indicated Tuesday that he switched the play call a bit on the field.

According to Jeff Potrykus with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Burrell switched the blitz from the nickel corner to his safety spot:

“Usually the nickel (cornerback) blitzes but it was too far,” Burrell said. “So I wanted to invert it for me.

“I was trying to disguise it, wait for him to check the line,” Burrell said. “Because earlier I tried a little boundary blitz and he saw it and (got) it out…So I let him check his protection and tried to creep down at the last second…I adjusted it on the field.”

Fortunately for the Badgers, Burrell made the right call, and made the big-time play, against the Wildcats. The play proved to be crucial as Wisconsin held onto a 24-15 victory.