Graham Mertz is never going to live down his Duke’s Mayo Bowl mishap. In the locker room after defeating Wake Forest to claim the bowl victory, the quarterback was celebrating with his teammates before the glass football slipped off the platform and shattered into thousands of pieces.

The video went viral and everyone had a good laugh about the incident. After the mishap, Duke’s Mayo promised to replace the trophy.

So when the new trophy arrived in Madison, the team didn’t want Mertz anywhere near it. OK, that’s not entirely true, but the official Twitter account of Wisconsin football did release an incredibly funny video trolling the Badgers quarterback over the incident.

Below is the video:

Here’s the original video of the trophy shattering after the Duke’s Mayo Bowl:

It was all in good fun, but Mertz will always be remembered for that moment to close out the 2020 season. And he seems to be a pretty good sport about it.

Mertz and the Badgers are currently in the middle of spring practice, preparing for the 2021 season. Wisconsin ended last year with a 4-3 record.