Wisconsin’s fourth quarter tradition of “Jump Around” will no longer be a part of the school’s football tradition, according to a release from the university on Monday.

April Fools!

Monday afternoon, the University of Wisconsin Athletic decided to get in on the April Fools’ Day action by worrying passionate Badgers fans about one of the best traditions in college football, “Jump Around.” With the song blaring between the third and fourth quarters at every home game, students and fans jump to the beat, creating a truly incredible atmosphere.

So what better way to get Wisconsin fans stirred up then joking about the tradition’s end? Here’s what the university released via Twitter on Monday:

The letter was pretty well-written and fairly convincing, at least until the end. That’s when there was some mention of some alternate songs and dances that could be implemented. A synchronized Macarena dance, coordinated Karaoke, Cheese Curd Squeak Song and Sit Around were all proposed options.

If the message wasn’t clear in the first few paragraphs that it was a joke, that probably cleared things up.

So fret not, Wisconsin fans, “Jump Around” isn’t going anywhere. It wouldn’t be just Badgers fans that would be upset if that tradition was thrown by the wayside.