Wisconsin hoops will have a new alternate look to rock throughout this season.

Thursday evening, the Badgers official basketball account unveiled a nice alternate look with a video. The look was also shared in some images posted by forward Micah Potter to his personal Twitter account.

It is a white jersey and shorts combination with red lettering and accents throughout. What sets this look apart from the traditional look is the font and design accents.

On the front, “Wisconsin Badgers” is spelled out in a nice, crisp cursive font that provides an old-school feel to the jersey. There is also the circle “W” logo on the side of the shorts and on the back of the uniform top. The logo is a nod to the one used by the Badgers during the 1960s.

According to Potter, he had a hand in helping design this alternate look. If that is true, he did a nice job helping put this one together.

Check it out: