Some players are just guaranteed to be playing on Sundays next fall.

One who stands out is LSU’s Leonard Fournette. Fournette has been battling injuries throughout this season and is a lock to be pick in this upcoming year’s NFL Draft.

With that in mind, the Tigers’ star running back decided to sit out his team’s bowl game this postseason. For Wisconsin offensive lineman Ryan Ramczyk, he’s essentially doing the exact opposite.

Ramczyk needs an arthroscopic surgery to fix a torn labrum in his hip but is waiting until after his team’s Cotton Bowl appearance to do it. The Badgers face Western Michigan on Jan. 2 in what essentially would be a meaningless game for Ramczyk if he does decide to go pro after this season.

Despite that, Ramczyk is holding off his surgery to play in one more game for his team. Again, the 6-foot-6 offensive tackle could return one more season to help boost his draft stock, but he is currently at a first round grade, as ESPN’s Todd McShay had him going No. 14 overall in his latest mock draft five days ago.

Oates refers to Ramczyk missing testing, such as the NFL Combine, which typically helps or hurts players based on how athletic or smart they are.

One test that the former UW-Stevens Point lineman is passing with this decision, which the combine can’t test, is how much passion he has for playing with his team.