Wisconsin could be missing as many as 12 players this weekend when they play the Purdue Boilermakers Saturday.

The Badgers, who were already missing players who are out for the season, have 7 more players that are either out or questionable for this weekend’s contest.

They include:

OT Logan Bruss
TE Clay Cundiff
ILB Mike Maskalunas
OLB Spencer Lytle

All questionable for this week’s game.

TE Jack Eschenbach
ILB Jordan Turner
OLB Aaron Witt

They are all definitely out for this week’s game.

Wisconsin was expected to compete for not only a Big Ten title, but a national championship as well and this team has been hit hard by several injuries that have affected their season so far and it looks like they aren’t catching any breaks any time soon either.

The schedule only gets harder after facing Purdue, playing No. 11 Iowa.