The Big Ten’s reigning Coach of the Year received a contract extension.

The UQ Athletic Board met Friday afternoon and renewed the five-year contract of Paul Chryst through January 31, 2023.

During the 2017 season, Chryst made $3.2 million, good for the 36th highest paid coach in the country. All he has done since taking over Wisconsin is win and win some more. He’s 34-7 overall, including a stout 22-4 Big Ten record. 2017 also marked Wisconsin’s best season in school history, finishing 13-1. The Badgers were so close to beating Ohio State, winning the Big Ten Championship and punching their ticket into the College Football Playoff. But they aren’t going anywhere under Chryst’s leadership.

The Badgers capped off a great season by beating Miami 34-24 in the Orange Bowl.

While other programs around the country are searching for their next head coach to make them a Playoff contender, the Badgers certainly have theirs. And when good programs have great coaches, they must take all measures to ensure they’re happy and content.

Having played at Wisconsin, Chryst seems certainly content to stay for the long haul.