It isn’t everyday you see an official school Twitter account get hacked, but that’s exactly what’s happening at Wisconsin right now.

As I’m writing this, the account tweeted out some profanity, as well as the odd tweet below, and it hasn’t been taken down yet in over two hours. Though it’s a question worth pondering, we’re sure the account has been hacked.
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.57.58 AM

On a side note, perhaps Bret Bielema got ahold of the account. We’re kidding, kind of. Bielema and Barry Alvarez are apparently best friends again. It’s also a good time to remind the Badgers’ social team that there is a two-factor authentication to help prevent these kinds of issues.

It won’t be long before Wisconsin gets its Twitter account back, but it’s tweeting out some really weird things.