Wisconsin-Purdue is not getting as much hype as other games around the Big Ten this weekend. Understandably so.

Ohio State-Penn State is certainly the star of the show, but Wisconsin is in a must-win situation. And, actually, so is Purdue.

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The Badgers are in must-win mode because they are one game behind Minnesota for a chance to win the division and get to the Big Ten Championship. It must win to have a shot at beating Minnesota a week from now and winning the Big Ten West.

For Purdue, the Boilermakers are 4-6 overall. Want to get to 6-6 and become bowl eligible? It starts with upsetting Wisconsin on Saturday.

Ahead of the B1G clash, Wisconsin released its final status report for the week. Left tackle Cole Van Lanen is the name and update of note, as the starter will be missing the game against Purdue:

Will this hurt Wisconsin’s offensive line? Absolutely. Will it affect the game and give Purdue the better chance at winning? Probably not. That said, we have to play the games.

That’s because upsets, indeed, do occur.