Three strikes and you’re out.

No, we’re not talking about baseball, but it’s still the circumstance facing Wisconsin’s football program. After the athletic department announced on Tuesday that Saturday’s game against Purdue would be canceled due to the continued spike in positive COVID-19 cases, the Badgers are down to just 5 games left on the schedule, meaning they would end the year with 6 played contests.

That’s if there are no other cancellations. And because of Tuesday’s announcement, there can be no more cancellations for the Badgers if they hope to compete for a B1G title.

Because of the B1G’s plan for the 2020 season, teams must complete a minimum of 6 games to be able to participate in the B1G Championship Game. So, if Wisconsin has to cancel one more contest, it will not be permitted to play for the league title.

Last week, Wisconsin was forced to cancel its Saturday matchup against Nebraska. The cancellation against Purdue marks the second B1G West game the Badgers have canceled.

Left on the scheduled for Wisconsin is Michigan, Northwestern, Minnesota, Indiana and Iowa.