Wisconsin is locked in a serious battle for the B1G Championship this season, but point guard Chucky Hepburn is still finding time to get in some pickup games on the side.

On Sunday, Wisconsin’s Basketball Managers shared a video of Hepburn sticking around after a “Little Badgers” practice to play a game with the young hoop stars. The game was a round of “Knockout” (also known as Bumpout, Gotcha, or Lightning), and it came down to a dramatic finish.

Here’s how it went down:

Hepburn had just come off of a Saturday game where he played 27 minutes and battled foul trouble against Penn State. He finished that win with 10 points 2 rebounds and an assist as the game came down to the wire with a 51-49 Badgers win.

It is awesome to see Hepburn take a bit of time out of his day to be a bright spot for some young ballplayers. That is definitely a practice they will not soon forget.