The creation of the NCAA transfer portal has really changed the landscape of college sports, primarily when it comes to football and men’s basketball. But not everyone believes it’s a good thing.

One of those individuals is Wisconsin head men’s basketball coach Greg Gard. Appearing on Wilde and Tausch on ESPN Radio 100.5, Gard was asked for his thoughts on the transfer portal. While he agrees it works in some instances, he doesn’t necessarily think it’s a great solution for student-athletes.

“It’s part of the era we’re in. Is it good? In small instances, yeah, if there are situations where the player or student-athlete feels the change is in his or her best interest,” Gard said. “My fear and I think a lot of coaches fear, what are we teaching these young men and women where anytime there’s a little sliver of adversity, we go to where we think the grass is greener? We just turn and change courses.”

With 13 of the 14 teams in the B1G seeing their season conclude, we’ve seen a number of players enter the NCAA transfer portal. A large number of those players come from Minnesota, Indiana and Penn State, where a coaching change has been made.

However, just about every team has experienced at least some loss through the portal, including the Badgers.

Gard probably isn’t the only individual who has concerns with the NCAA transfer portal. With the NCAA attempting to create a more student-athlete-friendly environment, it’s probably not going change.