Wisconsin defensive back Reggie Pearson has reached out to Michigan quarterback Dylan McCaffrey to issue an apology for a nasty hit that occurred in the second half of Saturday’s game.

Late in the third quarter with the Badgers owning a 35-0 lead, McCaffrey held the football on a read option play, taking off around the edge hoping to find an opening. After picking up a few yards, the Michigan quarterback lowered his head and was on the way to the ground to avoid taking a big hit.

Unfortunately for McCaffrey, his attempt failed. Pearson still delivered an ugly shot to McCaffrey’s head, leaving the UM quarterback concussed after the game. McCaffrey was forced to leave the game and Pearson was disqualified from the contest.

Saturday evening, Pearson sent a message to McCaffrey on Twitter, apologizing for the hit.

“I wish you nothing but the best and hope you’re doing OK,” Pearson wrote, tagging McCaffrey’s Twitter account. “Never my intent to slow down the big things you have ahead of you. God bless.”

That’s a classy move from Pearson.

It’s impossible to ever know intent, and when things are going full speed, it’s really hard to hold up in some situations. Pearson didn’t and it could cost McCaffrey a few games this season. Pearson will be suspended for the first half of Wisconsin’s next game.

But Pearson’s message just goes to show there was no ill will or bad intent with the hit on the Michigan quarterback.