Add Wisconsin players Cole Van Lanen and Eric Burrell to the list of players in the B1G who are frustrated by the conference’s decision from earlier in the week to postpone the college football season until at least spring.

Friday, both Badgers were made available to speak with the media via a Zoom conference call. Neither seemed too pleased with the league’s abrupt decision to end the college football season for fall.

“I was obviously very upset,” Van Lanen said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Jeff Potrykus. “Angry. People just don’t understand how much time and how much we’re sacrificing to do what we want to do.

“I think as players we truly feel safer playing football than we do now. The chancellors tell us that we can got to class and still practice. Asa a player, that makes zero sense. It makes zero sense why we had to cancel the season so early.”

The B1G was the first Power 5 league to call off the football season, followed shortly by the Pac-12. Preceding the B1G were the MAC and Mountain West conferences, both in the Group of 5.

A decision came six days after the B1G released a revised, conference-only schedule for the fall. To many, it felt like an abrupt end with little explanation provided.

“I honestly thought, like they said at the beginning, that they were going to try their hardest,” Burrell said. “And it just really came to an end.”

Burrell says he’s most frustrated by the lack of communication.

“How did they make it? Was it unanimous? Was it a majority?” Burrell asked.

“They’re canceling it before we even started,” Van Lanen said. “You didn’t even give it a chance. I think that is really frustrating for all of us, players and coaches.”

Now, the B1G will start looking towards having a football season in the spring.