It’s not a complete schedule as the games don’t have dates, but the B1G teams now know which teams they will be playing when the conference expands to 16 members. The conference today announced home and away conference opponents for all 16 members, including USC and UCLA.

The B1G is going to the “Flex Protect Plus” schedule model when the conference expands to 16 members. B1G administrators say the scheduling model offers the following benefits:

  • Maintaining control and flexibility as the college football postseason format evolves, with the goal to create access for programs into an expanded College Football Playoff.
  • Balance of annual travel by distance, regions of the conference, and time zones.
  • Balance of historic competitiveness and recent competitive trends, including home/away balance of traditionally competitive schools.
  • Balance and maximization of television inventory each season.

Here’s how that will look in 2024 and 2025:

The protected rivalry games are listed among “two-play” games that will alternate for teams every 2 years. Protected rivalry games will be played annually. The 11 protected rivalry games were revealed ahead of the B1G opponent announcement.